Finding the "proximity" principle in improving your craft as a coach

August 25th, 2020

My belief is that to be successful in your profession, you must be close to the action with other people who are successful in your particular field. For example, if I am a physical education teacher, I will scour the country for the best PE teachers in the country and will find a way to meet with them and talk with them

about their secrets to success. In our basketball coaching profession, the "Proximity" principle definitely applies where you must be in contact or listen to those basketball coaches or leaders who are very successful in our profession. The championship vision podcast allows you to listen to the best coaches in the country who all come from different backgrounds, but carry with them a unique vision of leadership and organization that puts them on the top of their profession. The podcast will put the best coaches right on your phone, tablet or desktop and you will always have that proximity principle right at your fingertips.

Here are some lessons that I have learned from these podcasts:
COACH JEFF GRAHAM: HEAD GIRLS BASKETBALL COACH AT BELT HS (6X MONTANA STATE CHAMPIONS) Coach Graham believes in the "Attitude of Gratitude" in his program where his players are always grateful for their opportunity to play high school athletics and display that attitude in a win or a loss. He also teaches that "Grit" is a vital part of their success. If you face adversity, you keep fighting. He gave a specific example how he lost 8 seniors from last years team and his team have already set goals on proving that they can keep the legacy going forward. Jeff's program focuses on The "Family" atmosphere and gives excellent illustrations how getting his parents to buy-in to the process and connecting with them.

COACH MOUNTAIN MACGILLIVRAY: HEAD WOMENS BASKETBALL COACH AT LASALLE UNIVERSITY) Coach Macgillivray is one of the best D-1 Women's basketball coaches in the country. He is in the process of building LaSalle University program into one of the top programs in the MAAC conference. His favorite slogans for his team is "Be Great on Purpose". Be intentional in your pursuit of greatness. He shared with me the 8 traits of a great teammate that his team created over this pandemic break including such traits as: Unselfishness, Kindness and Grit. He went into detail on his pressure man to man system that they use at LaSalle and talked about his "Buzz" 2-2-1 press he uses to create turnovers.

COACH HILDA HANKERSON: HEAD GIRLS BASKETBALL COACH AT WESTLAKE HIGH SCHOOL Coach Hilda Hankerson has built one of the most preiminent girls basketball programs in the country. Her team has won 3 straight GHSA state championships in one of the toughest classifications in Georgia. She shares how she has built Westlake over a 26 year period, by building brick by brick. One of her key building blocks is Communication. She believes that in order for her kids to play at a high level, she must communicate with them their roles and responsibilities. Skill development is another major building block in her program. Their offseason skill development program is intense and intentional with focus on the basics of the game.

These are only three of the great coaches I have had on the podcast out of 193 championship vision podcasts. Go to and get close to these great coaches as they share their vision. All of these coaches will give their contact information and they are looking forward to your call or come visit their practices or games.

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