Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Quickly create, organize, and manage your practice plans all in one place to help win games.
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Create detailed practice plans

Add drills, notes, diagrams, videos, and practice groups with an easy-to-use interface to create a detailed practice plan in no time. One time data entry with auto fill functionality saves you valuable time.

Everything in one place

Keep all of your plans, drills, notes, etc. in one place for quick access.

Easy team member collaboration

Easily share all of your information with multiple coaches and team accounts so everyone is on the same page in your organization.

More ways to plan


Access reports on how you are allocating your practice time for a single practice, a range of practices, or an entire season. Is your focus where you think it is?


Give your practice plan layout the professional look you want by adding your logo, team colors, and format.

Attention to Details

From creating a master calendar, to adding a quote of the day, to taking attendance, to practice evaluations, Practice Planner Live will allow you to work smarter.